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About Us

About Moxie Fitness Team

Bringing the latest fitness trends to the Gulf Coast is the inspiration behind this movement. With every shape, size, gender, and fitness level in mind, we have created a boutique lifestyle fitness studio where mindfulness is at the core. MOXIE is a cardio fitness experience that focuses on creating health and wellness by strengthening the mind and body in unison. Our classes combine inspirational coaching, motivating music and challenging total bodywork and are guaranteed to be anything but dull!

Amanda Bussey

co founder

“A healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness.”

MOXIE co-founder and Gulf Shores native Amanda Bussey loves sharing her story of transformation and passion with others. With a background in civil engineering and commercial construction, new mother Amanda found herself ready to finally make the pieces all fit together and redefine her lifestyle goals. Like most of us, Amanda spent years struggling to find the time and discipline to see the results she wanted. She focused on learning more about how nutrition and physical activity work together. Amanda knows how the stress of life can make fitness a challenging goal and is ready to share how working on a healthy mind can lead to a more healthy body.

Amanda lives in Gulf Shores with her husband (and fellow health nut) Patrick and son Finn. She loves her coastal life and may be found outside the studio on her paddleboard or in the carpool line.

  • 200+ hour certified yoga teacher
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Barre Intensity
  • Indoor Cycling certified
  • TRX

Stephanie Christie

co founder

“Your challenges are opportunities.”

In 2009, co-founder Stephanie Christie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through the many challenges this illness brought to her, she learned obstacles become your opportunity to live a more meaningful, balanced and engaged life.

As a fitness instructor on the East Coast for the past 13 years, Stephanie’s passions for health, dance, and fitness combined into to one when given the chance to develop and create MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Studio. Her vision for the MOXIE Lifestyle? A balanced lifestyle that incorporates a hardcore workout that is inspirational, empowering and most importantly, fun!

Stephanie resides in Orange Beach with her husband Martin and two beautiful Siamese cats, Lilly and Tallulah. When she is not on a bike or at the barre, she enjoys living on the coast, traveling, and of course, eating at great restaurants and drinking really good wine!

  • Barre Intensity
  • Mad Dogg Athletics, Spinning
  • PiYo, Turbo Kick
  • TRX
  • West Coast Workout Signature Barre
  • Yoga Fit