We will wrap up our MOXIE28 Challenge on January 30th. The MOXIE approach to health and wellness strengthens the mind and body in unison. In an effort to encourage our community to dig a little deeper than setting typical resolutions involving only the physical and diet, MOXIE28 participants:

  • Practiced a daily pause of mindful reflection or meditation
  • Participated in 3 MOXIE classes per week in the studio
  • Performed one at home MOXIE move per day
  • Kept food journals to uncover good nutrition habits as well as those that need improvement
  • Read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

February 7th is known as the “fitness cliff” when all those well planned New Year’s resolutions can start to fall short, allowing old habits to creep in, which can derail us and cause us to give up on our goals too quickly.

At MOXIE, we believe that small, daily shifts, over time can lead to powerful transformations that become part of lifestyle. The only way these resolutions can become long term, lasting results is if they become a regular part of your daily and weekly routine. Practice them enough and they become habits. If you find yourself starting to waiver, here are some tips to help keep you on track and far from slipping off the cliff!

  • Set your non-negotiables. Schedule time for yourself just like you would an appointment or meeting. Treat that time as a non-negotiable and make it happen.
  • Carve out time for exercise or personal development – run your day or your day will run you!
  • Find an accountability partner with similar goals: FIND A TRIBE. At MOXIE, simply adding your name to the class roster will give you an opportunity to partner with a community of people with similar goals.
  • Check back in with your intentions and resolution. Know exactly what your goals are. Bring laser focus to those desired results, and plug away at them every day.
  • Keep realistic expectations. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Although you are eager to see results quickly, patience in the process will carry you to the finish line. Be fair to yourself and make sure you have specific, measurable goals so that you can track your progress. Know that you will have days that are harder than others, but the more you practice or do it anyways, the more likely it is to become habit. There’s that word again. HABIT.

If you need any help getting back on track or focusing in on that goal, MOXIE is here to help! We want to create positive and healthy habits that contribute to fulfillment in the mind and body. There is no “quick fix” to health and wellness, and to maintain those resolutions we need long term lifestyle solutions.

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