5 Beauty Must-Haves for Women Who Workout

There’s nothing worse than walking out of a workout class at MOXIE feeling totally proud of yourself, incredibly sweaty and glancing at the time…and going into instant panic mode. Why? You have a hot second to change out of your leggings and tank into your work attire so you can make your first meeting of the morning. Balancing a jam-packed professional and personal life with a quest after health and fitness is no easy task—and sometimes it requires cutting corners. Though you do want to look your best, you also want to give your pores the TLC they need—and demand—after an intense routine.

Try these tips the next time you need to work out and skedaddle.

1. Always wash your face.

Have you ever forgotten to wash your face after a run and allowed the sweat to dry? Notice how hours later, if you go to wipe your cheek, you’ll see how perspiration cakes onto your skin. This can cause breakouts and irritation. It’s important to wash your face ASAP post-workout, even when you’re in a rush.

Because doing your entire face-cleansing regimen isn’t always possible at the gym, Bioderma Sensibio H20 and Bioderma Sensibio H20 Wipes helps ensure this all-too-important step.

2. Use a toner to get rid of redness.

When you grin-and-bear-it through a MOXIE workout, your face becomes living proof of your effort. In other words, your face turns mighty red. This can be annoying when you’re trying to put on makeup and head into the office. Spray a hydrating and cooling toner on your skin to calm it down.

Mist a grape water spray all over your face. The grape water is nourishing and moisturizing. Since it’s only one ingredient, it’s suitable for even sensitive skin.

3. Prepare your hair before working out.

Though plenty of people have strategies for fixing their hair after a killer MOXIE Ride class, it’s more important to game-plan before you head into the studio. To prepare for your workout—and keep your hair crisp afterward—use a texturizing spray and put your hair in a braid. Not only does this save time, since you don’t have time to wash your hair after, but it can be super-pretty!

The texturizing spray will give your hair volume and work with the sweat to set your hair in the braid, resulting in loose, messy waves, which is super on-trend and stylish.

4. Use oil drops to maintain that post-gym glow.

You know what we’re talking about: that post-workout glow. Your skin is flushed but it’s radiant, with a dewy complexion and subtle shine. To keep this natural rosy glow throughout the day, try using Herbivore Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion before you head out of the gym.

Our skin needs hydration, and a few drops on skin not only hydrates, it exfoliates and won’t clog your pores. The clean beauty serum contains herbal extracts, vitamin C and aloe vera to soothe your skin while maintaining a fresh post-MOXIE glow.

5. Use baby wipes for cleaning on the go.

Wipe away sweat in a hurry with baby wipes. If you don’t have time to shower right away and need to be somewhere in about 20 minutes, Mustela Stelatopia Wipes can help get rid of sweat and debris without drying your skin. Because these are designed for babies, they are extra absorbent, extra nourishing and great for sensitive skin.


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