Alyssa’s Reflection, MOXIE Intern Summer 2016

Many of you have probably seen me around at the studio this summer; my name is Alyssa Herrington and I am a dietetics student at the University of Missouri. This summer, I got the privilege to live in Gulf Shores, Alabama and intern with MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Studio. When I got the call back that Stephanie and Amanda were interested in me helping out, I was ecstatic. I was so excited for this opportunity and knew that I was about to gain some amazing experience.

These past two months with MOXIE exceeded my expectations entirely. Not only did I get to take on more responsibilities than expected, but I also gained a family. The staff welcomed me with the warmest and most sincere love, but they didn’t just treat their staff this way, they also made sure each of their clients felt welcome and important as well. It wasn’t just a business to the MOXIE team; it was an investment to their client’s health.

When I told people that I was going to be a nutrition intern in Alabama, many people were confused as to why I would go to the South out of all places to promote a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to Southern cuisine, it solely depends on the comfort of the food. It most certainly is not the healthiest diet of choice. Coming from a city, St. Louis, there were plenty of healthy options to choose from. There were juice bars, smoothie shops, and vegan restaurants just about everywhere. I was shocked to find that Gulf Shores barely had any choices at all. This is one incentive that led to the development of MOXIE Approved.

MOXIE Approved is collaboration among local businesses creating a partnership that promotes better for you items and services. While the South is celebrated for its food and dining out, this doesn’t mean you have to stray from your healthy lifestyle. MOXIE Approved highlights the better for you items right on the menu, making it effortless for anyone to eat nutritiously. MOXIE Approved seeks to provide access to a healthier MOXIE Lifestyle.

We even looked at restaurants considered unhealthy to see what items could possibly be MOXIE Approved. This is what was most excited about being a nutrition intern in the South; I was contributing to the important process of making Gulf Shores a healthier place!

MOXIE truly impressed me with how above and beyond they go to make every client’s experience meaningful. Most fitness studios just offer various fitness classes to attend, but MOXIE also offered insight on nutrition and the newest heathy lifestyle topics on our weekly blog, monthly newsletter. MOXIE offers lifestyle consults for clients who were dedicated to our classes but weren’t necessarily seeing the results they were hoping for. I am a proud member of the MOXIE team and each and every one of the staff and clients hold a special place in my heart. I thank you all for this amazing experience. I couldn’t imagine spending my summer any other way.

Alyssa Herrington, University of Missouri

MOXIE Intern Reflection, September 2016


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