Award Show Season Workout

Award Show Season has arrived! For those who love to curl up on the couch for each show to cheer on for their favorite albums/movies/etc., but love a good MOXIE session, we have combined the two. Peek below for our official Award Show Season Workout, MOXIE style:

When a winner cries… complete 15 jump squats. You might be crying, too!

When a nominee’s name gets mispronounced…. do 15 push-ups and do them well.

When you have no idea who the winner is…. that’s 25 crunches. Plenty of time to memorize that name in case he/she/it wins again!

During commercial breaks… complete 1 minute of Jumping Jacks.

When a curse word gets bleeped…. drop down and give us 15 burpees!

Happy Watching!

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