Back to School Breakfast with Moxie

Another school year begins. Parents and kids alike eagerly anticipate the first day; checking the supplies list, enjoying final days poolside, and looking forward to sharing their summer adventures with friends.

Shifting from the relaxed days of summer into a structured school routine can be challenging. Get your children ready for school with breakfast foods that support learning, focus, attention and energy. Breakfast is a critical meal for children. The wrong foods, however, can have the opposite effect.

MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Studio’s Registered Dietitian, Carrie Montgomery, recommends starting your child’s day with the following easy breakfast foods, guaranteed for learning success and energy.


High in protein, healthy fat and iron, eggs are a great early morning brain booster.
BACK TO SCHOOL TIP: A breakfast quesadilla is easy to prepare and fun to eat.


Another superfood, yogurt contains probiotics for good digestive support and up to 10
grams of protein.

BACK TO SCHOOL TIP: Choose plain yogurt and let your kids flavor it with a cereal of
their choice, nuts, granola and honey. Watch for excessive sugar in cereals or in flavored
yogurt. This is easy to carry in the car and should keep your child full until lunch.

Nut Butter

Nut butters come in a variety of blends and are a natural, easy protein source. Look for
almond, cashew, sunflower and hazelnut butter. Nut butters are conveniently nutritious
and taste great with fruit.

BACK TO SCHOOL TIP: Spread 1 tbsp. on an English muffin or toast, add your child’s
favorite fruit and voilà — an easy, portable breakfast for learning success!
Healthy eating is the foundation that makes us feel good and live longer. MOXIE can
help your family get started and stay on a healthy path. To schedule an initial
consultation, contact MOXIE at 251.219.0504

It’s been a great summer. MOXIE wishes you and your family success and wellness as
you go back to school!

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