Barre Benefits

Those tiny movements can help you get stronger.

The isometric contractions that make up the majority of a barre class occur when the muscle tenses without changing the length. This movement is the opposite of a typical strength training move that stretchen and shortens the muscles. Isometric exercise is a great way to maintain muscle strength. The one-inch movements continuously engage the muscles and with each pulse, you get a mini-recovery allowing you to stay in the hold longer. These higher-rep, low-weight exercises target slow-twitch muscles, which help increase endurance. In contrast, larger, compound movements target fast-twitch muscles, which help with power and speed (think running a marathon vs. sprinting). Plus, isometric movements can help strengthen muscles without straining tendons or ligaments, so there’s less risk of injury.

You’ll target multiple muscle groups at once.

MOXIE Barre is a highly efficient workout since you’re doing two to four movements at once – holding, pulsing and stretching – at a time with each movement. With a variety of moves, you are targeting your quads, but at the same time you’re also challenging the calves, hamstrings, glutes, abs, and upper-back muscles. The bonus is that while you’re working all of these areas at once, you’re raising the heart rate!

You’re going to see your body shake and feel the burn.

The extended period of muscle contraction while performing an isometric hold intensifies the work causing shaking. The shaking is a sign of muscle fatigue. This is a good thing! Your muscles are telling you, “I feel it!” You may be tempted to pop out of the hold if you start to tremble, but try to embrace the shake!

You’ll improve your mind-body connection.

The smaller movements can bring a new level of awareness to the body that you don’t get in regular strength workouts. MOXIE Barre improves muscular activation for underused muscles by strengthening the neuro-muscular or mind-body connection.

You may lose weight.

While losing weight is most about what you eat and how much you eat, you can shed a few pounds with a barre workout. Barre affects different body types in different ways. Depending on your body type and fitness level, you’ll see and feel changes in three weeks to three months. In addition to weight loss, most clients develop natural youthfulness, power, core strength grace, improved posture and a lifted derriere.

Barre formats have been critiqued as not incorporating enough functional strength training, heart rate training or progressions. The Barre Intensity method incorporates “intense strength” involving more compound movements engaging multiple muscle groups and joints. Barre Intensity’s “intense cardio” sequence elevates the heart rate without high impact movement resulting in fat loss and calorie burn. In other words, you are going to sweat! Our barre method incorporates variations for modifications to challenge and build so your body will not get used to barre class. That way, you will get stronger and continually challenge your body.

A combination of classes creates the fittest body and helps you stay balanced. Consider fine tuning your body by participating in MOXIE Ride for cardiovascular training and MOXIE Fusion for metabolic strength training then incorporate the high-rep, bodyweight exercises of MOXIE Barre. This will create a longer, leaner physique. It is all part of a balanced approach. Mix up your routine and keep your body moving while focusing on work that increases overall strength and endurance (most importantly, have fun!)

See you at the Barre soon.

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