Don’t Leave Your Healthy Lifestyle at the Departure Gate – Pack it for Summer Vacation

It is the time of year where most of us take a break from day to day life and escape for a week or two of summer vacation. After one too many margaritas and lying on the beach for a week, we may find ourselves struggling to get into the healthy routine we’ve worked so hard for. Here are a few MOXIE recommendations that will keep you healthy, while enjoying a few indulgent moments:

Westin Fitness Center,
Westin Fitness Center

Walk, bike and try a new form of exercise

When you have more free time, try walking. Walking is an activity that is eliminated in our busy schedules. Enjoy your vacation on foot and set a daily goal to track your steps. Discovering new boutiques, restaurants and museums on foot is more fun. Go for a long walk on the beach with your significant other or rent bikes for a family bike ride. When vacationing, do as the locals! Maybe the local thing to do is surf or play volleyball. Do some research and plan to do a local activity or two; you’ll be trying something new, while working that body out. Check out

Schedule shorter more intense exercise sessions but keep your regular routine

Staying on your workout schedule while on vacation will make the transition easier post vacation. If you have to exercise indoors on vacation, try shorter more intense exercise sessions like High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. Quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods will burn fat and extra vacation calories in a shorter amount of time. You can find HIIT workouts online that are safe for any terrain – the beach, pool, hotel or balcony.

Do your research, plan ahead and pack your gear

Healthy Travel Snacks
Healthy Travel Snacks

Before your trip, pick up your favorite snacks to last you for the plane rides and the days you will be on vacation. Some good snack ideas:

  • Health bars Larabars, Isagenix, Kind bars, or Gomacro bars
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Peanut or almond butter to eat with apples
  • Living Raw or Isagenix dark chocolate
  • Coconut chips
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers, kale chips or black bean chips

Don’t forget your gear.

Pack those workout shoes, workout outfits, headphones, and consider packing your favorite workout DVD. Pack few fitness-related magazines and/or a health book. You’ll have plenty of time to read while basking in the sun and this may be something you don’t have the luxury of doing when back home. Plus, this reading material will help to keep you on track while vacationing!

Just keep swimming

Since water is denser than air, the natural resistance acts as weights. Swimming gives your body the ultimate aerobic workout, toning every muscle group, without pressure on joints and bones. Swimming helps with lung capacity and blood flow. The healing properties of saltwater have been known for centuries. Saltwater has properties that aid in removing toxins and acts as an exfoliator. Swimming not only helps with your physical wellbeing but also benefits your mind and soul. The sound of water coupled with the rhythmic strokes and breathing makes it relaxing and meditative.

Use lemon to stay alkaline

Drink warm lemon water to balance PH levels after overindulging on acidic foods (alcohol, caffeine and meat). Lemons high vitamin C content will kick start your metabolism, loosen and flush out toxins. Add lemon to your water while lounging by the pool. It is a detox drink which will aid your liver the morning-after an indulgent evening.

Moderation not rigidity and deprivation

Rather than a gluttonous getaway where you indulge at every meal, use the 80/20 rule. Make 20 percent of your daily calories the treat food of your choice, and then try to stick to your healthy diet as best you can for the other 80 percent.

Enjoy new culinary tastes and experiences, take full advantage of local and seasonal produce and allow what’s in season to dictate your food choices. Indulge in the flavors and colors of the rainbow, eating fresh salad, fruit and vegetables. Visiting a local farmer’s market, not only allows you to absorb the local community and culture, but also means you can stock up on healthy snacks and ensure you are getting your fruits and veggies on vacation!

Be mindful about empty calories, especially in beverages. We aren’t saying alcohol is healthy, by any means, but let’s be realistic; most of us will likely indulge in a few adult beverages while vacationing. Not only are Piña Coladas and Mai Tais full of sugar, but also alcohol is extremely dehydrating.

Choose lower-calorie drinks like a white-wine spritzer, light beer, red or white wine, flavored vodka with club soda and fresh herbs, or tequila on the rocks with lime. Ensure you are constantly drinking water throughout the day, particularly when alcohol is involved. You can even eat your water by consuming foods with high water content; watermelon is a great way to stay hydrated. Another way to hydrate is to drink the equivalent of water to every non-water beverage you consume.

When in Italy have a gelato or when in France have a croissant, you are on vacation after all. Enjoy indulgent moments, but remember that balance is still key, return from your vacation relaxed, with more energy and raring to go to MOXIE!

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