Get To Know MOXIE Instructor Jen Holliman 

Age: 29

Hometown: La Porte,Texas

Favorite MOXIE class to teach: Ride

Favorite MOXIE class to take: Ride and Barre

In 100 words or less, tell us about your fitness journey.

Growing up my family was always very active. I played softball, soccer, volley ball, cheered, and danced. Physical activity is a must for me! It wasn’t until college, as a Kilgore Rangerette, that my love for fitness was solidified. Being a Rangerette meant staying in shape and well conditioned for the countless hours of practice that went into each performance. Once I began to make fitness a priority I saw changes in myself physically and mentally. That is when I decided to incorporate fitness in my weekly routine. We all go through different stages in life but I have found that no matter where I am fitness helps me stay grounded. Being a new mommy took a toll on my body and just 11 months after having Milly, I was led to MOXIE allowing my fitness journey to grow and a desire to teach shortly followed. I am truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of ladies!

What’s your current challenge when it comes to staying healthy and balanced?

My diet – I love carbs and they are super tough to avoid with a little one around.

What’s something you want to accomplish fitness-wise in the next 12 months?

Earning a certification in Barre and being in the studio more teaching both Ride and Barre.

Calories don’t exist. What will you eat?  Cheese, Crackers and Olives

You have a whole day to yourself. What do you do? Grab a coffee, workout, get pampered massage, mani pedi and end the day with a good glass of wine and a book. It’s hard to imagine a day without a 2 year old these days!

Where do you fall in the leggings-as-pants debate? Yes, leggings are a great “pant” just as long as you keep the crotch covered. LOL!

Last book read: What Alice Forgot By Liane Moriarty

Last show binge-watched: Nashville

The one song you always sing along to: Anything Florida Georgia line (hahaha)

Favorite way to start the day: Quite time, coffee and an early morning workout

How you motivate when you just don’t wanna: a shot of apple cider vinegar (BOOM instant energy!)

Your happy place: Boat day with my sweet little family!

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