Get to Know MOXIE Instructor Marguerite Perkinson


ugh…46 (for now!)



Favorite MOXIE class to teach:

um…I guess I’d have to say MOXIE Ride 🙂

Favorite MOXIE class to take:

MOXIE Ride…duh

In 100 words or less, tell us about your fitness journey.

Well, it started with Jane Fonda and Cindy Crawford on my VHS…seriously. I was young and that worked for me at the time. It was sporadic. I got a trainer when I was going through a divorce…YAY! (Referring to the trainer and, in retrospect, the divorce as well). Started working with another trainer after I had my 3rd child here in OBA.  Then came MOXIE. I realized that a combo of MOXIE classes gave me the same training I was getting, but cheaper, and more diverse. ALL IN! Is that less than 100 words?

What’s your current challenge when it comes to staying healthy and balanced?

Pizza and beer and wine and chips and cheese covered french fries dipped in ranch and ochoppers wings 😝

What’s something you want to accomplish fitness-wise in the next 12 months?

Want to get back to the Barre

Calories don’t exist. What will you eat?

See above( x2)

You have a whole day to yourself. What do you do?

Sit on my porch reading book or doing crossword

Where do you fall in the leggings-as-pants debate?

Huh? I wear jeans.

Last book read:

I’ll have to check my kindle…Beneath A Scarlett Sky

Last show binge-watched:

The Sinner (good call, Amanda)

The one song you always sing along to:

Sweet Child O’ Mine🎸

Favorite way to start the day:


How you motivate when you just don’t wanna:

Just do it.

Your happy place:

My porch here and my porch in Cashiers, NC.

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