Getting Sweaty With Cindy Long



39 this month!


Brewton, AL


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Favorite MOXIE workout:  



Q • A

When did you first start taking classes at MOXIE?  Two years ago

What did you find most challenging in the beginning?  Each class format challenges me in different ways.  Ab and core work are consistently the most challenging for me in all class formats.  Still work to be done!

What was the first change you noticed once you started working out at MOXIE regularly?  Longer and leaner muscle definition.

Three words that describe how you feel after a sweaty workout?  Recharged.  Balanced.  Powerful.

How do you motivate when you just don’t wanna?  Just show up to class!

Favorite way to reward yourself after reaching a fitness goal?  Buy new clothes.

What would you like to accomplish fitness-wise in the next 12 months?  Make it through a Barre class without taking a cheat break.



  • Lunges or crunches?  Lunges
  • Planks or pushups?  Planks
  • Riding or rowing?  Rowing
  • Coffee or juice?  Coffee
  • Sunrise or sunset?  Sunrise

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