Getting Sweaty with Kristi Brunick

Age: 47

Hometown: Selma, AL

Profession: Teacher

Favorite MOXIE workout: MOXIE Ride

When did you first start taking classes at MOXIE? February 2017

What did you find most challenging in the beginning? Surviving a full hour class!

What was the first change you noticed once you started working out at MOXIE regularly? How my body was getting toned. I actually had definition in my arms.

Three words that describe how you feel after a sweaty workout? Energized, healthy, accomplished

How do you motivate when you just don’t wanna? I put my workout clothes on, so I feel like there’s no turning back.

Favorite way to reward yourself after reaching a fitness goal? I buy myself something new.

What would you like to accomplish fitness-wise in the next 12 months? My 200th class!


  • Lunges or crunches? Crunches
  • Planks or pushups? Planks
  • Riding or rowing? Riding
  • Coffee or juice? Coffee!
  • Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise

Congratulations on your MOXIE Milestone!

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