The holiday season is upon us; the Halloween candy was just the beginning. In a couple of weeks, turkeys, hams, dinner rolls, casseroles, and pies will be here to tempt you. After that will be holiday parties, the holidays themselves, and New Year’s. The average American gains a pound during the holiday season [1] and if you are overweight that number is more likely to be over 5 pounds. A pound a year during the holidays is not much weight; but most Americans never lose that pound. Over the years those pounds add up to significant weight gain. Keep this year’s pound off by practicing these tips:

  • Eat a healthy meal or protein packed snack before going to any party. Going to a party hungry makes saying no to high calorie snacks and treats more difficult.
  • Expend your calories on foods that are worth it. Bypass the store bought cookies and snacks; indulge in quality instead of quantity like a slice homemade Yule log or pumpkin pie.
  • When baking, substitute Greek yogurt or applesauce for butter and oil. This works best in breads or muffins.
  • Don’t feel guilty if you indulge. Make a choice to eat healthy the next day, take a MOXIE class and drink lots of water.
  • If you are hosting, do your best to limit processed foods and look for healthier ways to serve holiday dishes. Instead of green bean casserole, sauté fresh green beans in olive oil with garlic and shallots.
  • With gluten allergies, intolerances and gluten free diets on the rise, at least one gluten free guest is bound to attend your holiday gatherings. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. You can easily make holiday dishes gluten free with minor alterations.

Being mindful of holiday weight gain doesn’t require you miss out on the celebrations of the season. Try our tips, stay active and enjoy sharing time with friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving! from the MOXIE Family



1. Roberts, S., & Mayer, J. (2000). Holiday weight gain: fact or fiction. Nutrition Reviews, 58(12), 378-379.

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