Help Dad Make Time For Fitness

Making good nutrition and exercise a priority in a hectic daily schedule can be a challenge for fathers. The benefits are worth the sacrifice and a little creativity in carving out the time can really make the difference in embracing a healthy lifestyle. A ten-hour workday leaves little time for exercise. Grabbing lunch on the run and getting up earlier and earlier for morning exercise can be difficult. These tips will help busy dads fit fitness into a hectic schedule.

Schedule fitness into your calendar. Making an appointment for exercise, and shooting for a consistent time every day, is an important first step. Put it on your calendar, and it will be easier to keep the appointment.

Choose fitness activities that you enjoy. Enjoying a fitness activity is a critical component to making time for exercise.

Walk or exercise during lunch hour. If you have regular lunch hours at work, a good strategy is to spend part of it exercising. Walking for 30 minutes every day can, all by itself, make a big difference in your personal health. If you bring a light lunch or grab a salad at a local lunch spot, you can fit it all in.

Walk with the family. Jogging, walking or cycling with your kids can help you stay committed to the exercise program (they will remind you) and will help build your relationships.

Drink lots of water. Whatever your job, you can usually bring a water bottle along with you. Keep a 24-ounce water bottle in your office or cubical and fill it up on breaks.

Make small changes. Many fathers report that working fitness into their daily routine by taking stairs, parking far from the entrance and wearing a fitness tracker helps reduce stress, improve sleep and productivity at work.

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