More. More. More. How increasing resistance helps you get stronger.

Reaching for a heavier set will undoubtedly make you feel like a badass, but it’s important to understand exactly why you need the added weight.

It may seem obvious, but progressing to increased weight will help you get stronger, and improving your strength will help you in everyday life, from unloading your groceries to lifting your kids.

The idea that if you can do two extra reps (while keeping good form) at the end of your last set for two consecutive training sessions, it’s time to increase the weight is known as The Two-For-Two Rule and a common industry guideline for determining whether you should increase resistance.

Of course the most important factor is form. Whether you are reaching for three pound hand weights in MOXIE Barre, 6 kg kettlebells in Row, adding two turns up in Ride, or picking up a heavier set of dumbbells in Fusion. Keeping proper form as you curl, raise, climb and punch is essential — no matter what level of resistance you’re using.

The process of getting stronger is accomplished by progressively overloading your muscles over time through stimuli such as heavier weights or increased resistance on the bike. This process leads to neuromuscular adaptations that result in improved muscular strength.

Another potential benefit is increased calorie burn. More is more. The higher the weight, the more we burn. Prevention magazine research shows that heavier weights create more muscle breakdown (which is a good thing!) because they’ll rebuild stronger, leaner and more metabolically active.

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