Improve Your Health With Prebiotics

The health of your micro biome  is important to increased focus, energy, weight loss while reducing sugar and processed food cravings.

Heal your micro biome by trying the following:

• Eat a lectin-free diet and avoid nightshades (potatoes, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes).

• Eliminate beans from your diet.

• Eat 70% dark chocolate.

• Eliminate cashews and peanuts and choose walnuts, pistachios or macadamia nuts.

• Enjoy coffee without dairy, sugar and artificial sweeteners. Use Hemp Milk, Coconut Milk or Stevia instead.

• Avoid brown bread and grains.

• Enjoy extra virgin olive oil.

If you are plagued by food cravings, would like to get your eating habits under control, improve digestion, and/or have trouble losing weight no matter how much you work out. You might consider adding a prebiotic to your daily routine.

Prebiotics support the “good” bacteria in your gut by supplying the nutrition to help them thrive. At the same time, prebiotics reduce the number – and impact – of the “bad” bacteria. The result is a healthier digestive tract, feelings of increased energy, and a healthier appetite to support better metabolism.

The best natural sources of prebiotics include:

  • acacia gum (or gum arabic)
  • raw chicory root
  • raw Jerusalem artichoke
  • raw dandelion greens
  • raw garlic
  • raw leeks
  • raw or cooked onions
  • raw jicama
  • raw asparagus
  • under-ripe bananas

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