Lifestyle changes and nutrition choices that decrease inflammation and acidity can

protect the body from breast cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends a diet

of five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day, eating whole grains instead of

refined ones, limiting processed and red meats, and limiting alcohol to no more than

one drink per day.

Soy foods should be limited since they contain estrogen that can encourage some breast

cancer [1]. Regular exercise is also a strong cancer preventative [1]; not only does it help

the body eliminate toxins but it also decreases inflammation in the body. After periods

of high intensity exercise, however, restorative bodywork should be performed.

Antioxidants are compounds found in plant foods that prevent cellular damage, cancer

growth and recurrence and should be integrating into a diet rich in whole foods [1].

MOXIE’s Top 10 Whole Foods To Decreasing Inflammation & Protecting the Body From Breast Cancer

 Kale

 Carrots

 Beets

 Extra virgin olive oil

 Broccoli

 Garlic

 Apples

 Walnuts

 Flaxseed

 Berries

MOXIE’s Top 10 Foods To Avoid

 Soda

 Diet anything

 High fructose corn syrup

 Microwave popcorn

 Processed meats

 Farm raised salmon

 Hydrogenated oils

 Refined sugars

 Refined white flour

 Pickled and smoked foods

For more information on a diet rich in cancer-fighting foods and how to construct a plan

that fits your lifestyle, contact your MOXIE team. Visit to schedule a

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