Lindsey’s Story: Through Struggle, MOXIE is Born.

What does MOXIE mean?

A: the ability to be strong and active; courage or determination; energy; defines the human spirit.

Many of our clients know Lindsey Romanelli, MOXIE 2017 Squad Challenge winner, but they may not know her story.

At MOXIE, we believe that through struggle, in the studio, on the bike or in life, we develop the ability to be strong, courageous and resilient. Through struggle, MOXIE is born.

Lindsey, thank you for sharing your struggle and story. You are an inspiration to us all and you clearly have MOXIE.

In 2015 my parents passed away. I lost my father in June 2015 and one month later, my mother died unexpectedly.

With the death of my parents, my life came to an abrupt stop. Not only was I experiencing trauma, but the stress from responsibilities resulting from my parents’ death, did not allow me space to grieve the loss of my parents.

I was in a deep, dark, depression.

There were days I couldn’t get out of bed. I gained weight and lost myself – my mind, body and soul.

As I looked in the mirror one day last year, I realized I had lost myself, I decided not to allow the tragic loss of my parents power over the rest of my life. I chose to begin living again. I cleaned up my diet, started exercising again and joined MOXIE after Thanksgiving.

I fell in love with MOXIE from day one.

Shortly after I started MOXIE I noticed changes in my body. More importantly, I felt better mentally and emotionally. My moods started to improve and my anxiety dropped dramatically.

I felt good again!

I kept going to MOXIE classes. I am trying things I’ve never done before. The MOXIE instructors are wonderful, beautiful, inspiring men and women who keep me motivated. They drive and push me to the limit.

I take all the MOXIE classes and love them all! MOXIE is my opportunity to escape the stress of everyday life, get a great workout and reconnect with myself!

There is no feeling better than looking at yourself in the mirror and being truly happy with what you see. Not just on the outside but on the inside. That is what keeps me going. I don’t want to lose this feeling. It makes the hard work worth it.

Since I have started my journey, I have lost over 60 lbs. and recently took my 100th MOXIE class. I am not stopping. I am going to keep setting goals and going strong.

I have suffered, learned and changed.

MOXIE helped change my life. It helped me love myself again. People ask me about MOXIE. I tell them, “All you have to do is show up.” That is how I got started and the rewards just followed.

I love MOXIE because it helped me; it helped me love me again.

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