Move More with MOXIE 2017

At MOXIE, motivation is more than making it to your early morning workout and eating protein shakes. Motivation means making a thoughtful choice to improve your lifestyle, achieve your goals and move beyond procrastination. Achieving a healthier lifestyle requires making a decision, commitment and choice.

Consider your mindset for 2017. MOXIE can support your decision and commitment to achieve a healthier lifestyle, but ultimately, the choice is yours.

You have to start somewhere. Here are a few tips to get going in 2017:

1. Start moving with MOXIE. Sign up for class online.
2. Remember, healthy looks different on every body. MOXIE is a judgment-free zone.
3. Join our SQUAD Challenge beginning January 2nd. Our community is here to support you and help hold you accountable.
4. Seeking specialized individual training to enhance your goals? Give MOXIE Specialized a try.

Don’t forget our partner, Lifestyle & Performance Medicine is here to support you as well. Lifestyle & Performance Medicine uses comprehensive diagnostic testing and physician-chosen, pharmaceutical-grade supplements to reduce stress, improve nutrition, enhance body mechanics, and promote emotional wellness.

2017 is right around the corner, make your commitment now to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Check out our MOVE More with MOXIE 2017 video.

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