Maximize Your Ride with 2 Easy Steps

Considering investing in a pair of spin shoes? Here’s a few reasons we think you should.

Clipping in with the SPD cleats ensure that your feet are in exactly the proper position, allowing you to engage more muscles. More control = more power.  The foot is locked into position, to maximize your workout with a more powerful stroke. A smooth pedal stroke helps to lift the pedals on the upstroke, taking some pressure off the quads and distributing the workload to the hamstrings for a more balanced workout.

Stiff soles in the spin shoes give more support than a standard sneaker and help to provide more balance while pedaling out of the saddle. This may be one of the biggest differences you will notice, especially if you have been spinning with a minimal or barefoot style shoe.

Spinning shoes also help to properly distribute your weight to help prevent riding dominant on any particular part of the foot. With thicker soles and less cushion, spin shoes allow you to efficiently transfer the power from the legs directly into the pedal.

The MOXIE team prefers a spin shoe with a recessed cleat to avoid direct contact with the floor surface while walking about the studio and stretching. Often that would be considered a mountain biking style cycling shoes verses a road style shoe.

What about heart rate monitors? Do they really work? Absolutely.

When exercising in your target heart rate zone, you’ll be sure to burn enough calories without overexertion.  On the flip side, we often tend to overestimate our exertion level which also leads to us overestimating the calorie expenditure in a given workout. Heart rate monitors provide real time feedback on your workout efficiency.

Simply put, measuring heart rate allows you to know exactly how hard you are working. This is especially effective when working towards specific health goals or working with health contraindications.

At MOXIE, we recommend the use of a heart rate monitor that uses a chest strap.  In our opinion, they are the most accurate, as they gather information based on an electrical signal that is transmitted by the heart and then detected on the strap.  MOXIE bikes are equipped with monitors to display heart rate while POLAR chest straps are worn.

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