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Meet Me at the Barre

The MOXIE Barre Workout is here. But what’s barre all about?


While barre has origins in dance, the rhythmically challenged shouldn’t worry: No tap

shoes, leotards, or any fancy footwork are required! You don’t need dance experience to

participate in MOXIE Barre.


MOXIE Barre follows a basic structure: You’ll start with a warm up, upper body series,

plank, transition stretch, lower body series including thigh – glute – hamstring work,

core-focused series and closing stretch.


As for MOXIE Barre gear, the moves are typically bodyweight only, but you can use light

hand weights (usually two or three pounds) or resistance bands to level up your arm

exercises. For lower-body work, a soft exercise ball is often used to help engage leg

muscles. You may go barefoot or wear socks with grips (checkout Toesox)


MOXIE Barre utilizes the Barre Intensity technique combining attributes of Pilates,

dance, and personal training. The Barre Intensity method is a full body workout that

incorporates small isolated movements to burn and fatigue the muscles. This is very

similar to most barre formats trending today.


Where Barre Intensity differs from most barre formats, is that in addition to small

movements, we incorporate large range of motion movements and sometimes work at

a quicker pace to also elevate the heart rate at various points throughout class.

So what’s the difference between barre and a typical strength training class? Rather

than larger, compound movements, you’ll perform tiny, one-inch isometric movements.

That’s why you’ll often hear, “Down an inch, up an inch,” repeated by our MOXIE Barre



For someone who’s used to high intensity interval training or CrossFit, it may seem like

you’re not working hard enough. But that’s absolutely not the case. You are getting a

hard core workout because of the one-inch increments are enough to fire up the muscle

and make it more elastic, but not tear the muscle.


Tiny moves. Big results. Check out the MOXIE Barre class schedule: HERE!