Welcome to the new MOXIE website. Check out the FAQ below to learn more about MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Studio.

Q: What does MOXIE mean?

A: MOXIE -the ability to be strong and active; courage or determination; energy; defines the human spirit.

Q: What is MOXIE and why is different?

A: Bringing the latest fitness trends to the Gulf Coast is the inspiration behind this movement. With every shape, size, gender, and fitness level in mind, we have created a boutique lifestyle fitness studio where mindfulness is at the core. MOXIE is a cardio fitness experience that focuses on more than just body image. It is about creating health and wellness by strengthening the mind and body in unison.

We look forward to introducing our brand, vision, community and movement to you. But before Fall 2015 rolls around, here’s a few answers to your questions about MOXIE….

Q: What will I discover at MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Studio?

A: We’re focused on bringing the latest lifestyle and fitness trends of the “big city” to our coastal community. Each class will be a challenging (but fun!) fitness experience in an appealing, friendly atmosphere. Our classes are guaranteed to be anything but dull!

MOXIE Fusion – the signature MOXIE class combines inspirational coaching, motivating music and 60 minutes challenging total bodywork, M4 – tempo is combined with strength training, core conditioning and calisthenics, MOXIE Ride – 60 minutes of pure fun and intense, beat-based spin cycling.

NEW! Classes will be added to the rotation shortly. In this unique situation of development, we encourage the citizens along the Gulf Coast to let us know what you’d like to see. We’re now sharing our story on Facebook and Instagram at @moxie_lifestyle. Join along to follow our journey and share your thoughts/questions/concerns directly with us.

Q: How do I know MOXIE is for me?

A: Whether you’re a twenty-something trying to stay in shape, a busy mom seeking to squeeze fitness into your hectic schedule, a business person whose long hours at the office have taken a toll on the waistline or a retired couple looking to share time together while staying healthy and active, MOXIE has a group fitness class for you.

Q: When do I get to discover my MOXIE?

A: Coming Fall 2015

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: If you are new to group fitness, stop by the studio anytime to chat with our certified, professional staff. Keep in mind, it is always a good idea to consult your physician before adding exercise to your lifestyle. Be sure to let your instructor know if you have an injury or illness prior to class. Most of the MOXIE classes are suitable for all fitness levels. Instructors will share modifications throughout the class.



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