Moxie June Newsletter: Summer Self Confidence with MOXIE.

As summer approaches, we are met with opportunities for poolside activities, beach parties, boat rides and more. For some, what should be a time of fun and pleasure is a time of distress.

Many people confront fears about wearing a swimsuit and have insecurities about physical appearance. This type of anxiety can be experienced at any size or weight. Sometimes the most confident men and women struggle with being self-conscious.

Our lives are far too short to waste time striving for perfection and stressing about whether our thighs are perfectly smooth and our stomach is flat enough to wear a bikini. Distorted thinking and self-criticism can prevent you from a happy life, so make peace with your body. You are alive. Life can change in an instant. Don’t let body anxiety keep you from enjoying your summer by the pool, at the beach, or on the boat.

Here’s to a season of confidence in our swimsuits and fun in the sun!

See you in the studio,
Amanda & Stephanie

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