MOXIE Moms Celebrate Mother’s Day

MOXIE makes Moms look and feel better day in and day out, so tell us — what does MOXIE bring to your Mom life?

Happy Mother’s Day!


MOXIE helps me RECHARGE! I leave feeling like a #SuperMom.

– Jenn Burgess

MOXIE workouts give me the energy to keep up with my young active children.

– Ashley Cancienne

I love being a mom… I love MOXIE for giving me back a sense of my self. That 1 hour is a game changer. #mommingainteasy

– Mischon Chastain

It’s the “me” time that I need everyday…it makes me feel better and stronger which helps me be a better mom and wife.

– Sara-Kathryn Cranford, MPT, CLT

MOXIE gives me the opportunity to escape all of my responsibilities for a moment of “Mary” time… which, ultimately allows me to re-charge my mommy batteries. By escaping for a few hours a week to MOXIE, I’m not ONLY physically getting healthy for my children’s (Samuel and Eva Elizabeth) sake, but mentally healthy, as well.

– Mary Cain Fowler

MOXIE helps me be a strong mom! I am able to carry around my 25lb son and squat to pick up anything that he drops. That is hard work! I need to be strong and healthy to keep up with my little one and MOXIE helps me do it!

– Jennifer Heitman

MOXIE brings a consistent way for me to get my workout in week after week.

– Michele Lartigue

Being a mother to two tireless boys under the age of 10 is harder than anyone could have ever told me.  MOXIE reenergizes me day in and out so I can be the best Mom possible.  I carry around a lot of everyday stresses that MOXIE helps relieve.  And getting my MOXIE in first thing in the morning lets me enjoy more time with my family after school, like our recent sunset hermit crab hunt.  Thank you Team MOXIE!

– Cindy Long

My son said he wants me to always be strong enough to pick him up.  I want to be able to keep up with my kids no matter what activity they are doing.  MOXIE gives me the strength and energy I need to hang in there with my kiddos.

– Kelli McKee

MOXIE brought back my confidence as a mom most of all! It’s given me the energy to keep up with my two boys like never before. In the past decade, I’ve never looked and felt better. I give credit completely to MOXIE and the amazing staff for my renewed energy. One of the things that keeps me motived the most is going into class and the majority of the instructors and clients are all moms just like me. Taking care of myself helps me be a better mother and wife!

– Jessica Morgan

MOXIE keeps me sane…which is a plus for everyone in my household.

– Marguerite Perkinson






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