A powerhouse of wellness, juicing is a vital component to sustaining wellness. After being diagnosed with cancer, I learned the body needs one pound of uncooked vegetables per 50 pounds of body weight. I was uncertain how I would be able eat over two pounds of raw vegetables everyday. For me, juicing makes it possible.
The direct shot of raw juice gives the body very important vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes. Removing the fiber lightens the load on our body so our digestive system doesn’t work as hard and the nutrients pass directly into our bloodstream. Our cells and immune systems are restored within a few minutes. Don’t forget to balance these benefits with grains whole vegetables and salads.
Here’s how regular juicing can transform your life:
• activates energy and brightens skin
• stimulates detoxification and reduces inflammation
• boosts immunity and mental clarity
• promotes restful sleep and a leaner body
• encourages a sense of well being and happiness
1 bunch organic parsley
4 handfuls organic spinach
4 sticks organic celery
½ long cucumber
2 fresh lemons
1 organic Granny Smith apple
Our MOXIE TONIC is nutrient-rich not only tastes good (I promise) it’s cleansing, energizing, immunity and glow boosting.
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