It happens to the best of us. Holiday barbecues, vacations and game day tailgates -we get off our healthy routine and overindulge. We fall into a food coma, our abdomen hurts and we are filled with regret. But the real problem is usually what happens post-gorge fest—in our body and our mind. Here are a few tips to rebound from a holiday overindulgence.

Treat yourself with compassion. Don’t wallow in the damage or get down on yourself. With that in mind, let any name-calling and punishment stop. Reframe the situation and get an action plan to rebound.

Avoid the scale. If you indulged in food high in sodium, you’re probably carrying around a couple of pounds of water weight. It may take 72 hours to get an accurate reading on the scale.

Get moving. Light exercise is the best thing you can do to help your body bounce back. Light exercise or yoga will help speed up digestion; it’ll also even out your blood sugar and clear glucose out of your bloodstream.

Hydrate. Drink water, seltzer, or teas. It might seem counterintuitive to drink water when your belly is full to bursting, but H2O helps move along digestion. It can also battle sodium and carb bloat, and it’s a preemptive strike against any post-gluttony constipation. You can also try seltzer, which is proven to relieve indigestion. Herbal teas with ginger, peppermint, and fennel have been shown to ease that “food baby” feeling. In short, keep these liquids coming. (Avoid alcohol or coffee since it slows your body’s digestive process.)

Plan your next healthy meal. Even if you’re not hungry, simply planning your next meal is a powerful act of self-care. Try to avoid starches, sugar and large portions.

Plan your next workout. Increasing your activity by 15 minutes will help bounce back from additional calories consumed during an overindulgence.

Get some perspective. Tune in to larger issues: read a newspaper, spend time with a friend and realize there are more important matters than overdoing it on food. We all have our moments. “You are not defined by your mistakes, but your reaction.” Practice some self-care, have an action plan to get back on your healthy routine.

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