Polish up your fitness routine this Spring with tips from MOXIE

Spring has a wonderful way of breathing new life into our routine. Celebrate the arrival of Spring by renewing your commitment to a fit, fun and healthier lifestyle. Not only will you look better, but also you will feel better, have more energy and a positive outlook on life.

Polish up your fitness routine this Spring with tips from MOXIE

Clarify your fitness goals An honest and achievable fitness goal should incorporate your deeper values and fit comfortably into your life.

More motivation Do you dread your workouts? Are you working out haphazardly, going through the motions without clear direction, or doing just one kind of workout over and over again? Reframing your perspectives about physical activity, reviving your internal motivation and identifying activities that you enjoy can help you overcome disinterest.

Ignored nutrition Lackluster nutrition can lead to energy shortfalls, stalled weight loss and dramatically deadlocked fitness progress. Take a look at your nutritional choices and determine whether your choices are supporting your greater fitness goals – or undermining them?

Know your zone Exercising outside of the heart-rate zones appropriate to your fitness goals is one of the most commonly made mistakes – even among experienced exercisers. Adding a heart-rate monitor to your workout is a simple way to gain insight into your body’s response to exercise and to moderate your exertion levels accordingly.

There are many ways to polish up your current fitness routine. Rather than striving for perfection, focus on consistency, long-term commitment and continuous learning. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is like most things, slow and steady wins the race.



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