When to Prioritize Resistance and Aerobic Training to Fit Your Goals

Whether your goal is to become more fit, lose weight, train for an athletic event or just improve overall health, the balance of incorporating both strength and cardio workouts will yield the best results. MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Studio group classes provide variety, structure and fun while working towards those goals.

MOXIE offers both metabolic strength training classes as well as cardio class to keep your weekly workouts balanced. Sign up for a MOXIE Row, Fusion or Ride group class. Added benefits from MOXIE Barre and MOXIE Yoga keep you flexible and optimize your mobility – both of which aid in maximizing your training results.

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Similar to the old “chicken or egg first” adage, deciding whether cardio or strength training comes first can be a real puzzle. And like any other fitness question, the answer is likely, “It depends.”

If you’re crunched for time and need to get in a quick workout, you can prioritize your mode of exercise based on your goals. Once your goals are in place, shifting activities and doling out time to each is easier. Read to learn more about strength and cardio timing to help decide what’s right for you.

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