Real men have MOXIE.

So you thought MOXIE was a chick thing…think again.  MOXIE classes incorporate TRX training created by Navy Seals, Spinner bikes that leave our clients breathless, and we Row at least 1000m in every Row session. MOXIE uses the latest equipment to challenge ANY body that walks into the studio and our men are sharing exactly why you should give our co-ed classes a shot.
“When I was training for the Panama City Iron man triathlon I incorporated MOXIE Fusion and Ride into my weekly workout regime.  I firmly believe those workouts gave me the strength to finish.” – Lane
 “As someone who has always been into fitness and thought to be in pretty good shape, I really underestimated MOXIE. I could barely make it through the class! I highly recommend MOXIE if you’re looking for a fun and challenging workout.” – Shane
“I was amazed at the professionalism and attention I’ve received. The MOXIE staff is absolutely fantastic and the programs are structured in such a way to maximize our potential!  I hated leaving for offshore work, but when I return I will continue pushing myself further with the help of your staff to meet the challenges presented with all the classes you offer! I can’t say enough about the inspiration and motivation I feel at MOXIE. Training has never felt so good.” – Greg

“Full disclosure I am a little biased. MOXIE will flat out lay it on you. Sometimes I wonder if guys just think MOXIE is just a bunch of girls doing Jane Fonda workouts but when I see a new fit male client walk in and an hour later he is on the verge of puking, I am quickly reminded it is so much more. Guys, if your view of a workout is hitting the weights at the local gym 3 days a week, you are really missing the big picture. I’m not sure in life when how much you bench will actually do anything for you. MOXIE’s unique, innovative and ever changing classes will give you a hell of a workout in a clean and inviting studio and it will do all of that while not surrounded by sweaty meatheads. Trust me, I know the level of work and dedication MOXIE instructors put in each class. Are you tired of the same?  Do you want to walk away from a workout really feeling like you moved the needle? If so-get a little MOXIE.  But seriously, how much do you bench?” – Patrick
“Fantastic experience. Great instructors in an ultra embracing environment. It’s very intense, but if you want results it has to be. I’m always a bit nervous going in, but feel amazing after each MOXIE session. I ran a marathon this year, however I feel this class is just as big if not bigger of an accomplishment.” – Jeremy
“My first MOXIE class was hard as sh** and whipped my butt. I found it very challenging, even for someone who is currently in the military. I didn’t know what to expect but definitely is something I look forward to doing again!” – Jake
“I LOVE everything about MOXIE except they are not in my hometown! I’ve attended 2 Spin classes, a Fusion class and a Row class. The MOXIE team has set these classes up to provide a great workout for people of all fitness levels. The MOXIE team is very encouraging and helpful. They will help you use correct form and provide modifications if you are not able to do an exercise. Each MOXIE class will provide you with a challenging workout. Men, I encourage you to go to MOXIE. Don’t listen to your ego or pride and think this is a gym for easy workouts and for women to socialize. You will be challenged emotionally and physically in every class regardless of your fitness level. I will go to MOXIE every time I visit Orange Beach!” – Bret


Whether your goal is to shed the dad bod, look and feel more fit, train for an athletic event or just improve overall health, the balance of incorporating both strength and cardio workouts will yield the best results. MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Studio group classes give you a well organized, constantly evolving, fast paced workout that is sure to get you to those goals. Utilizing the most current trends in the fitness industry such as TRX, battle ropes, kettle bells, WaterRowerGX, Precor Spinner Shift bikes, and more, MOXIE classes integrate metabolic strength training with high intensity interval training (HIIT) to keep your workouts both challenging and balanced.

Still think it’s just for chicks? Real men have MOXIE. Get you some. Men receive an initial complimentary class pass and a 20% discount on an unlimited monthly membership. Call 251.219.0504 or email the studio to reserve your spot. Sign up for a MOXIE Row, Fusion, Yoga or Ride group class.

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