Renew Your Commitment To Healthier Eating This Spring

This spring, rather than allowing old habits to creep back in, renew your commitment to making healthier choices. Try to focus your nutrition on the health benefits you will receive from eating well rather than placing all of the focus on aesthetic goals. By focusing on your long term health, you will be more likely to stick to your healthy habits. Try these healthier eating tips from Cory LeDoux, R.D. this spring:

Fill up on vegetables Vegetables are a low calorie/high volume food.

Take it easy on the fruit While fruit is a great source of fiber and natural sugar, some people tend to go overboard and eat too much. In turn, this keeps sugar and carbohydrate intake sky high. Rather than ditching fruit all together, try pairing one piece of fruit with almond butter, nuts or a source of lean protein.

Be wary of nutrition/protein bars While the marketing on most of these products claim these bars are the healthy alternative, most of these bars are high in fat, carbohydrates and artificial preservatives.

Up the protein If you feel like you are constantly hungry, try adding a bit more protein to your meals. When ordering a dinner salad, order a serving of lean protein to be placed on top to help you fill up and stay full. Also try eating the protein portion of your meals before having the side items which are usually higher in carbohydrates and fat.

Drink more water Water aids your body in digestion and keeps your skin looking youthful and hydrated. On days where you are training or outdoors for a period of time, be sure to consume extra water. Drinking 12 ounces of water before your meal will also fill up your stomach and may prevent you from overeating.

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