It can be a bit of a challenge to shift gracefully from winter to spring when most of us are still feeling sluggish from being cooped up indoors. Our bodies change with the seasons. To create balance during seasonal change, we need healthy circulation. The changing of seasons is time for renewal, a time to wipe the slate clean, undoing some habits and start anew on others. This constant shedding as the seasons change helps us to let go so we continue to grow and transform.

A few tips that make springing forward easier:

  • Gear up your intake of MOXIE classes to help restore balance to your body, mind and spirit so you can renew your commitment to your wellness, to your heart and to yourself. To help, we’ve added a Thursday evening MOXIE Fusion and Saturday morning MOXIE Ride to the schedule to help you.
  • With Spring and Summer around the corner, it’s time to clean up our diets. We often eat heavier comfort foods during Fall and Winter.
  • Clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Restock with healthier, lighter fare including pineapple and apples. These fruits, rich in bromelain and quercetin, will help build your immune system just in time for allergy season!
  • A seasonal detox is a great way to reboot and reset your metabolism and clear out excess sugar from the holiday season. After a seasonal detox, refocus on mindful eating. Reduce processed foods and increase your intake of fresh, local produce and clean protein.



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