Swimsuit Season Survival

At MOXIE, we intend to help you enjoy swimsuit season. If you are interested in more support, we are available for a MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition Consultation to develop a comprehensive plan that enables you to have a stronger mind, body, and positive outlook on life.

MOXIE Swimsuit Season Survival Tips

• Lasting wellness is a process not an end goal. Feeling healthy and strong is a lifestyle requiring consistent habits. Assess your nutrition choices and activity level. Good nutrition, fitness, and low levels of stress may help reduce your genetic predispositions to disease, while smoking, eating poorly, and being sedentary may flip on your genes for disease.

• Set attainable expectations according to your body type and shape not unrealistic societal standards. Unrealistic expectations can lead to unhealthy habits, crash dieting and deprivation. These could be dangerous triggers for those suffering or recovering from eating disorders.

• Making consistent healthier choices and being active helps develop long lasting body confidence. Weight loss and aesthetic changes alone do not. Healthier living and wellness is good for your mind, body and core.

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