Trim Tailgating

Ah, football season – the most anticipated time of the year for Alabama residents!

For most of us, football season means Game Day entertaining, tailgates, menu planning and extra calories. Often times, we struggle with preparing healthy, satisfying dishes while keeping our guests happy and our waistlines trim. The MOXIE team is eager to share our top tips to help make your Game Day tailgate nutritious, guilt-free and a crowd pleaser.

1) Substitute plain Greek yogurt for mayonnaise and sour cream in dip recipes.

2) Substitute plain Greek yogurt to make your favorite chicken salad for an extra protein boost.

3) Pass over traditional salsa recipes for bean-based salsa recipes to add a more protein-filling element.

4) Offer veggies in place of traditional dipping chips (beware celery and carrots will have most people yawning so mix it up with cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini to add a layer of unpredictability).

5) Substitute baked or grilled chicken tenders with side sauces for traditional chicken wings.

6) Substitute Portobello mushrooms for pizza crust.

7) Offer spouted grains such as Ezekiel as an option for sandwiches.

Keep your MOXIE Lifestyle in check during football season by having a few healthy options at your next Game Day event. Your palate and waistline will thank you!


Need some recipe ideas? Here’s a sneak peek at our MOXIE team’s favorite recipe swaps:


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