What To Expect

Now that you’ve signed up, here’s what to expect at your first MOXIE experience:


What happens when I get to the studio?

Arrive 10-15 minutes to your first class and let the front desk staff know that it’s your

first visit. A MOXIE staff member will then take you through a brief orientation to get

you ready. And remember, our classes are great for all fitness levels; our instructors will

lead you every step of the way.


We encourage all students to pre-register for classes online. All classes at MOXIE are

first come, first serve. By pre-registering, you’ll help speed up the check in process and

guarantee you have a spot in the class. If you are on a waitlist and an opening becomes

available, you will receive an email notification confirming your registration.


How often do I need to take classes to see results?

We recommend you take 3 classes per week. You will see results even if you ride or take

Barre Intensity with us once or twice a week, but you’ll feel maximum effect if you can

get to the studio three times. Although one class a week will give you greater strength,

energy, and muscle tone.


Are MOXIE classes safe?

MOXIE classes are designed to be safe. We follow every best practice protocol in the

fitness business and all staff is CPR trained. However, we always recommend that you

consult your physicians for guidance on an exercise program that is safe for you.

We have complimentary towels, Eternal Water and post workout snacks for purchase.


I’ve heard indoor cycling is difficult. How do I know I can do it?

In a MOXIE Ride class, your instructor will lead the way, suggesting target resistance

levels and pace to strive for. But you decide exactly what’s right for you by controlling

your bike. If you’re feeling pumped, ride harder and faster, and if you’re just beginning,

you can take it down a notch.


How do I adjust the bike for my body?

Our instructors will gladly help you with bike settings. There are several adjustments to

tailor the bike to your body and comfort level:

• Raise/lower the seat

• Raise/lower the handle bars

• Set the distance between handle bars and seat


What should I wear to MOXIE Ride?

We recommend comfortable workout attire. Avoid loose fitting long pants that could

get caught in the pedals. Padded bicycle shorts and cycling shoes are optional.

While we don’t have lockers yet, we do have shoe and key storage cubes. Showers and

restroom facilities are available.


What is Barre Intensity?

Barre Intensity combines attributes of Pilates, dance, and personal training. We

incorporate small isolated movement to fatigue the muscles, large range motion to

elevate the heart rate, and sequencing that incorporates upper and lower body to make

every minute count. This results in a total body workout that leaves you mentally strong

and feeling accomplished. Upbeat music provides the fuel needed for not only an

intense workout but also a fun one!


Do I have to be in great shape to participate in a Barre Intensity class?

Barre Intensity is designed to be appropriate for all fitness levels. You do what you can,

and you are always welcome to come out of positions you cannot sustain. Our

instructors are trained to assist people of all abilities. With time, you will get better and



What should I wear to a Barre Intensity class?

Form-fitting clothing so that you can move easily and see each area of the body, with

socks or bare feet.


Is MOXIE Fusion like boot camp?

MOXIE Fusion offers the physical challenge you might find in a boot camp format in a

noncompetitive environment with motivational coaching.


See you in the studio!

Stephanie & Amanda

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