Wine Is Only Appreciated In Moderation

In recognition of National Drink Wine Day on February 18th, MOXIE encourages you to consider the way you drink wine.

Wine has always complemented gourmet cuisine and in some countries like Spain and France drinking wine in moderation during meals is part of a balanced diet.

The Way You Drink Matters. Many reports show that even though the European Mediterranean region accounts for the highest alcohol consumption per capita, it is the region where the observed drinking patterns pose fewer health risks. Read more about drinking patterns.

Balance is a key element for a healthy lifestyle. Excess both in eating and drinking will only create unbalance. Quality and quantity are also important when appreciating wine and food in moderation.

Read Wine Folly’s “Moderate Drinking is the Secret” and find out more about appreciating wine in moderation.

Join us on Saturday, February 18th for MOXIE Ride at 8AM and MOXIE Ride & Restore at 930AM. A MOXIE class participant will win a French Rose.

Please drink responsibly.



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Wine Folly’s “Moderate Drinking is the Secret”

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