Corporate Wellness

Wellness Retreat: Two-hour Team Building Workshop

  • A one hour class of the format of your choice: MOXIE Barre, MOXIE Ride, MOXIE Fusion, MOXIE Row or MOXIE Yoga
  • Guided meditation on authentic decision making
  • A collaborative discussion on mindfulness in the workplace
  • MOXIE Registered Dietitian Cory LeDoux, RDN/LDN/CPT leads Meal Planning and its Benefits in the Workplace.

Group Class: 90-minute Team Building

  • A one hour format of your choice: MOXIE Barre, MOXIE Ride, MOXIE Fusion, MOXIE Row or MOXIE Yoga
  • Fresh fruit or juice and bottled water

Individual Corporate Discounts: Monthly Unlimited or Class Pass Bundle

  • Unlimited Monthly Membership with 6 month auto renewal $125 per month
    This is a $35 per month discount from our regular price of $160 per month and a total savings of $210 for a six month unlimited membership.
  • Single Class Passes $10 per class—Sold in bundles of 50 passThis is a $10 per class discount from our regular price of $20.

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