With every shape, size, gender, and fitness level in mind, we have created a boutique lifestyle fitness studio where mindfulness is at the core. MOXIE is a cardio fitness experience that focuses on creating health and wellness by strengthening the mind and body in unison.

Whether you’re a twenty-something trying to stay in shape, a busy mom seeking to squeeze fitness into your hectic schedule, a business person whose long hours at the office have taken a toll on the waistline or a retired couple looking to share time together while staying healthy and active, MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Studio is a community for those seeking an improved lifestyle.

MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Consultation

If you are ready to experience a surge in strength, balance, energy and focus, a MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Consultation will set you on your path. The MOXIE Team collaborates to find the best approach to help you grow in health both physically and mentally.

Based on individual health and fitness goals, our certified professional fitness staff and registered dietitian will develop a comprehensive plan that enables you to have a stronger mind, body, and positive outlook on life.

To schedule an initial consultation, contact MOXIE at 251.219.0504